Hi, I’m Josh Whitworth, or as I like to call myself: The Writer Pilot.

Based on that name, I’m sure you can guess that I have two major things that I do. I’m a writer and I’m a pilot…well, currently a student pilot, but a pilot, nonetheless.

 So, here’s a little background on me.


My dad is a preacher, and my mom is a teacher. I’m a PK and TK. Some may say a double negative. I couldn’t get away with anything as a kid. If my dad didn’t find out through church people, then my mom did through teachers.

I also had a drug problem.

Anytime the doors to the church were open, my parents drug me to church.

Honestly, I am incredibly grateful for my parents. My dad never forced Christianity on us. Instead, he was a dad first and a pastor second. This is pretty unusual when it comes to pastor parents. It seems like preacher kids are always the worst behaved because they are rebelling against their home life. So, the fact my dad was a dad first helped me and my siblings understand the importance of family.

My dad also encouraged us to explore other faiths and denominations, but ultimately, we all chose to remain Christians.

My dad was complimented in his parenting by my mom. She was a teacher, now a principal. She made sure to teach my siblings and I that education is extremely important. She and my dad both instilled a love of reading and education in all of us.

I also have 3 siblings. An older brother that taught me a lot of life, as older brothers are wont to do. And 2 little sisters that helped me understand what it means to love and protect them in situations where they can’t.

We are a close-knit family to this day. We are all married to wonderful spouses that keep us honest and improve our lives every day.

Wife Influence

I’m making a special section for my wife, Cheyna (pronounced Shay-nuh) because she is incredibly instrumental in my personality and path I’ve chosen.

It was because of her I became a flight attendant in the first place, but I felt like I had just fallen into every job I had up to that point. It was her influence that got me to truly consider what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. That’s what truly spurned my path into becoming a pilot.

On top of the career influence, she encourages all my hobbies and goal of being a writer. I want to eventually publish my own fiction book, but until then, I will keep blogging and freelancing because writing is important to life.

Cheyna encourages me in every single pursuit I have. She also helps keep me honest and healthy.

I know that sounds kind of silly, but she is a health nut and helps keep me healthy. She is always researching and learning more about nutrition and fitness, and, as you would expect, she shares this with me to help both of us live our lives healthier and to the fullest.

Plus, she has her own creative pursuits that I will add links to here when she’s ready for that. So, we help each other and feed off each other’s creativity.


I promise I’m not some uneducated swine.

I am a flight attendant, a career that doesn’t require a college degree, but I love education. As I said earlier, my parents instilled this value in me and my siblings from an early age.

This love of education led me to get my bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in History. My thought process was, if I learn to read and understand literature, then I can learn anything because there is a book about every subject in the world. On top of that, you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been, so I minored in history.

Plus, I’m a nerd and wanted to consume and talk about cool stories for my college experience.

Unfortunately, this didn’t lead to an immediate job, which has become a common theme for all humanities degrees; however, I wouldn’t trade my college experience for anything.

I learned more about myself and HOW to learn than anything else, which is the most important thing you can learn in my opinion.

My liberal arts degree also exposed me to totally new ideas I had never considered before. My hometown is primarily a white southern Texas town, so pretty much everyone there was super conservative and country.

In college I got to see the exact opposite views on a lot of subjects. This helped me to form my beliefs I have today. I was challenged on a lot of my thinking, which led to me reaffirming some beliefs and making them more concrete in my understanding while also completely changing me on others.

The Goal of the Blog

The whole purpose of this blog is for me to explore my two greatest passions: storytelling and aviation.

Stories are how people learn without being preached at. One beautiful thing that the Bible does is tell stories with eternal truths in them. Though many people will debate the existence of a higher power, there are numerous stories in it that teach lessons completely devoid of God. One such example is “the Good Samaritan;” a story about a Samaritan man that saves another man (from another place that the Samaritan was supposed to inherently hate) that was beaten and left on the side of the road for dead.

Jesus taught in parables because it works.

Stories teach lessons that are eternal because it works.

So, I have two sections of the blog that will focus on storytelling. One is my Inflight Reviews where I will write reviews of books and movies, and Storytelling where I talk about tips to telling a good story.

Storytelling is a bit selfish too because I will be learning these tips as I do my own fiction writing.

The other part of the blog is Aviation.

The Aviation section of the blog will be all the lessons I learn while being a pilot. There is a common saying in aviation that your private pilot license is only a license to keep learning. A good pilot is always improving and learning.

In the Aviation section, I will first chronicle myself becoming a pilot. I will also constantly be talking about what lessons you can learn from aviation. Some of these will be life lessons, and others will simply be neat things I learn about aviation and airplanes in general.

One example is the science behind how airplanes fly. Another could be about weather. I mean when you’re in an airplane you are floating in weather, so you kind of need to understand it.

A lot of this blog is me exploring stuff for my own benefit, but it’s also me sharing it with everyone to learn with me. Many lessons are universal, and I want to share what I learn with the world.

Also, I love writing and talking about all the stuff I like…

All my other writing is also available under the Other Writing tab. It has my entire online portfolio.

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