As you can probably guess from the website name, my name is Josh Whitworth.

I’m a flight attendant at an airline that will remain unnamed because of legal reasons, but my biggest goal is to make the jump from the cabin to the flight deck.

That’s right, I want to be a pilot. I made a bold proclamation on Instagram and Facebook about it recently, but I did a discovery flight and that really sealed the deal.

As I started studying what all it takes to be a pilot, I’m learning that there is a lot of that a pilot has to know in order to pass all the necessary exams issued by the FAA.

That means this blog is kind of selfish because I’m going to use it as a study sheet. I’m going to write about a lot of the information required of a pilot. But I’m kind of a nerd, so I’ll probably dig into more depth that is absolutely required for the exams. I also want to try and make straight 100’s instead of just passing.

As I’ve gotten more and more into wanting to be a pilot, I’ve also become more interested in all aspects of aviation. Sometimes I’ll be posting about the state of the industry, and other times I’ll post about new aircrafts and updates from the FAA. When I’m not doing that, it’ll be personal stories about getting into flying and tips and tricks for pilots and flight in general.

I truly love aviation, but I also love stories. That’s why I’ve included a section of book and movie reviews called In Flight Reviews. I have some free time while flying and I got my BA in English, so I do a lot of reading and movie watching. These reviews are my way to stay connected to love of stories.

Last little bit is my Other Writing. I do some freelance writing on the side to get some side gig money (flight school isn’t cheap!). I include links to all my other writing there for you to follow along.

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