Welcome to my site!

It may be a bit presumptuous of me to think this, but obviously I did something right to get you here. Whether It was because of social media, you met me in real life, or some other strange way that I just can’t quite bring myself to admit because there’s no way I actually have that kind of pull.

But seriously, if you’re here, then I really appreciate it. It’s humbling to have someone actually want to read my writing. I’m truly grateful for every moment of attention you have chosen to dedicate to my little blog.

I’m a book nerd and writer by education, as I got my degree in it, but I work in aviation. I was a flight attendant, and now am working in customer experience at a major airline. I’ve also started working my way to becoming a pilot.

The point of this blog though is to highlight some important things I come across and realize. Even though I love aviation and spend a lot of my time in that world, I know there’s a lot more to life than airplanes.

Really, the goal is to continue growing in all aspects of my life. Its often said the best way to fully grasp a concept is to teach it. At that point you really should have it understood well. Otherwise you won’t be able to actually talk about it coherently.

That said, my whole reasoning for beginning this blog is because I want to never stop improving. I want to be the Man in the Arena, carpe diem, and share what was learned on my Odyssey of life. I want to continuously learn, share, and grow.

So, come on this journey as I strive for greatness.