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The Solitary Apocalypse – Jeff Haws

Posted by JoshWhit

I was procrastinating on Reddit one day when I came across an author that said he was making all his books free on Kindle for the day to boost downloads and increase outreach. Naturally, I got all of them and said that I would gladly read and review them to help get the word out there for him. 

This is the first review of those books. 

Jeff Haws wrote this horror/thriller/drama about a post-apocalyptic town in North Georgia called Alessandra. The first book in the series is called The Solitary Apocalypse

The Solitary Apocalypse follows the civilians of the town of Alessandra as they navigate the world after a plague that is transmitted through touch destroys the world. The town has no contact with anywhere else in the whole world. They are completely alone. They have performed a very limited study and found that the best way to keep everyone healthy is by isolating and forcing everyone to wear a ring around their bodies to enforce a social distancing to keep others from touching. The government that created and enforces these laws is proving to be absolutely corrupt, going so far as to abuse those that it claims to be isolating. 

Long story short, I did not expect The Solitary Apocalypse to be as good as it is. I’m sure I can speak for the author too when I say that he probably didn’t expect that there would be a real-life worldwide pandemic just a few years after creating this series. 

That means, if the quarantine is really hitting you hard, these books may not be the best option for you. They are pretty intense, quite gory with a few sexually explicit scenes. 

But I would also say that if you love The Walking Dead, The Solitary Apocalypse would probably fit your tastes quite perfectly. 

There is a very interesting cast of characters, the main protagonist, Michael, dealing with drawing the line somewhere in terms of following an authoritarian government built of the communist principle of “we all do this for the greater good.” Michael stands up to the corruption that perpetuates power. He’s very likable and also has to navigate working with his ex-wife. 

Jeff Haws gives us a very human look into the downsides of blindly following a government that continually encourages, and forces, people into isolation. The toll that it takes on the people’s psyche just fuels the horrific nature of this novel. 

It was written in 2016 but is much more fitting as a warning for the horrors of what is occurring in 2020. 

Jeff Haws makes some incredibly relatable characters and somehow even makes the decisions of the antagonistic government understandable. It’s a very human approach to a crazy turn of events. 

If you missed Haws free book marketing blitz, then I would say that it’s still worth the price to purchase this series. You may also be able to pick up some of his other books or short novellas, such as Tomorrow’s News Today.

A great book to get you all freaked out for the spooky season.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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