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The Medina Device – T.J. Champitto

TheMedina Device book cover
Posted by JoshWhit

I enjoyed working with Erik at Breakeven Books so much that I’m participating in another book tour with him and his team! Last time I did a review of The Final Weekend. This review is for The Medina Device by T.J. Champitto.

The Medina Device is a crime thriller with a bit of science fiction thrown in at the last minute. It melds seamlessly and makes for an intriguing and fun read. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this fun book, do it now. It’s well worth the read.

The Medina Device starts as a crazy thriller with a group of Robin Hood-like main characters. The protagonist is Cameron Lyle who is teamed up with his little brother Michael and their best friend Trip. Cameron is a military instructor and has trained his compatriots for combat. Trip is also a computer whiz that gives them the power of the internet and technology in general to complete their missions.

What kind of missions do they do, you ask? Well, the group steals money from large corrupt corporations and keeps 10% to distribute among the three of them while donating the last 90% to various charities to help those in need.

This puts them on the map of the FBI as they have to outwit them, but it gets crazier when a secret organization contracts Cameron and his team to steal an ossuary off a boat. The ossuary is under guard by the CIA, so that puts Cameron and his team in a crazy race to keep the ossuary from the CIA and figure out how to get it to the secret organization without getting caught, or worse, killed.

The Medina Device is an absolute blast to read. It doesn’t offer any super crazy insights into life, but it is an incredible exercise in the ‘what if’s’ that life could throw out.

The writing by Champitto is very believable. He doesn’t do that annoying thing where they have tons of violence and people’s lives at stake, but nobody in the situation will say a curse word. In fact, there is quite a bit of explicit language used. It only adds to the story though. It makes it much more believable.

The Medina Device is written like a summer blockbuster movie, but it isn’t riddled with plot holes and piss-poor dialogue. It’s a very detailed story that is crazy and has Cameron all over the world. Visiting foreign countries and evading the laws in the name of the greater good. It’s pretty inspiring to think about in that context.

I guess, to dig deeper, you could analyze the story and see where you should accept the line of when you should step in to try and help the world become a better place. It doesn’t ask that question for long as the group plans retirement after “one last job” before being contacted to steal the ossuary, but even then you can explore the idea of when do you need to start thinking about personal health and wellbeing.

The only real downside of this novel is that the protagonists are nearly infallible. They seem to always have their next move planned and are always making the best decision for the long term. This a novel about the story though, not the character growth. So, it makes sense to ignore that for the most part.

It’s a really good book and a much-needed distraction with current news cycles flowing through the media and social media. It’s a fun read that would make for a very intriguing movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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  1. Erik McManus

    Thanks for joining in on the tour!! Great review!

    1. JoshWhit

      I love doing book tours! Free books and helping newer authors gain more of following, count me in!

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