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Jenna Moreci – Eve: the Awakening

Eve: the Awakening book cover
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As I said in my recent post on story structure archetypes, I’m a big fan of Jenna Moreci. She has a YouTube channel that focuses on writing. She does some fun videos as well as some that are truly informative for any writers. Eve: The Awakening is the first book she has written, and it’s incredible.

Eve: the Awakening is a young adult science fiction book that follows Evelyn Kingston as she fights the social hierarchy at her new college, the super-elite Billington University in Sothern California. Oh yea, and Evelyn, who goes by Eve, is a chimera. That means she is an evolved human that has telepathic powers. Chimeras are heavily discriminated against, in a way that makes me think of mutants in the X-Men series by Marvel. Not only is Eve a chimera, but she is the strongest chimera that has ever been documented.

Yeah, the biggest downside is whenever there is the whole “strongest to ever exist” trope. Moreci deals with it well, but it’s still an unnecessary evil. It gives the book a “chosen one” vibe that makes it lack real stakes. Because Eve is basically unbeatable, she is boring to deal with. She has some social concerns that are actually more entertaining to read because there are stakes in the social hierarchy of the school.

There is, naturally with any young adult novel, there is a love angle. Moreci, who is known from her YouTube to be critical of poorly written love stories, navigates these waters very well. Eve has issues with personal relationships, and the novel exploits that big time. Eve always complains of not being understood, but then has to tutor the son of politician that stands for everything that discriminates against Eve. She finds out that the politician’s son, Jason, is hated by his father because he is also a chimera. Eve is teaching him her most valuable asset, what makes her different, how to be a chimera and it grows their bond.

Eve has to deal with all this while facing the much greater threat of the Interlopers, an alien race that is virtually unbeatable. She and her small group of rejects are the only ones fighting for the entire world’s safety. The book ends with a set up of a potential second novel, but it stands on its own nicely. Moreci makes annoying tropes respectable, and I can’t wait to read her second novel The Savior’s Champion.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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